What is cancer?

Cancer is one of the most known diseases worldwide. It has various types and is considered a broad term. To define it we can say that, it is a condition in which cell growth is uncontrolled and cell division does not stop. The rate of cell growth and division is different for different kinds of cancer. In some kinds, cell growth is very fast and rapid while in other cases it is relatively slow. A few kinds of cancer result in the formation of a tumor. Some other kinds of cancer like blood cancer does not result in the formation of a tumor.

The human body consists of billions of cells which are grouped together as tissues based on their functionality. The body cells keep of performing their function and once their function gets completed they die. It is part of the life process. Old cells die and new cells are formed. This way the body cells remain healthy all the time. But when a person is suffering from cancer, their old cells stop receiving commands to die and they keep on multiplying. This creates a situation where the body has excess cells than required. These old cells eat up essential resources like oxygen and hinder the growth and function of new cells. This condition of the body when there is an abundance of old cells and they keep of diving is collectively called cancer.


Causes of cancer

Cancer is caused by many factors. Some of these can be prevented. One of the most common reasons for cancer is cigarette smoking. A sizeable population dies each year as a result of cancer caused by smoking. Even though it is a well-known factor for causing cancer, people still engage in this practice. Smoking is considered by some as a status symbol. The habit of smoking should be killed in the early stages before it becomes an addiction. Apart from smoking drinking alcohol on a regular base also results in cancer. There are cases where excess body weight results in cancer. One more important factor in limited physical movement. It is thus recommended to exercise daily in order to stay healthy. Poor nutrition is also believed as a reason for causing cancer. All the above mention factors are preventable and should be given importance. A small improvement daily can save you from a deadly disease.



Types of Cancer


Breast cancer

Breast cancer affects women across the globe. This cancer is the 2nd most commonly found in women. It can also be found in the male population along with the female population. It affects the cells of the breasts. In recent times, a lot of awareness campaigns have tried to spread the word about breast cancer. People are encouraged to take this seriously and get the help of a doctor at the earliest stages. Some common symptoms of breast cancer include the formation of a lump on the breast, change is appearance, shape, and size of the breast, dimpling of skin and inverted nipples.


Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is found in the male population. It is the most common cancer type affecting men. It affects the prostate gland. Initially, this type of cancer is limited to prostate gland only but it can spread. Some type of prostate cancer may not need any treatment. These type of prostate cancer spread slowly. On the other hand, some kind of prostate cancer can spread quite rapidly and must be treated. If prostate cancer is detected in the early stages, it can be successfully treated. It may not show any signs or symptoms in the early stages. Some of the symptoms of prostate cancer include facing difficulty while urinating, blood coming out with semen, the pelvic area feels discomfort and pain in bones.


Basal cell cancer

Basal cell carcinoma is one of the several types of skin cancer. It begins in the basal cells. A minor transparent bump can be seen on the skin. It mostly occurs in the area which comes in contact to external agents such as the sun. By this definition face and head are the most common places where one can expect to see signs of this form of cancer.



Melanoma is one of the types of skin cancer which is considered the most dangerous type of skin cancer. It affects melanin which is responsible for giving color to the skin. It can also affect eyes and some internal organs like intestines. One of the main cause of this cancer is exposure to Ultraviolet rays. These may come from the sun or any other source. It is thus recommended to avoid unnecessary exposure to UV rays. This form of cancer can also be found in feet, the part of the body which is rarely exposed to the sun. It is more common in people with dark skin color.


Colon cancer

Colon cancer affects the large intestine (colon). The large intestine is the last part of our digestive system. It begins as a very small, non-cancerous clump of cells. These have the tendency to become colon cancers with the passage of time. Initially, the clumps are very small in quantity and thus it is necessary to regularly test with a doctor to prevent colon cancer.


Lung cancer

Lung cancer is by far the most known type of cancer among the general population. As the name suggests, it affects the lungs. Lungs are undeniably the most important organ in our body along with the heart. We know that we need oxygen to live and lungs are where this oxygen is transmitted to blood cells. The most common reason undeniably for lung cancer is smoking. One should also avoid the company of smokers as it causes passive smoking which is dangerous. Everyone should quit smoking for the sake of their lungs.



Leukemia is a type of blood cancer. It mainly affects the white blood cells. This, in turn, make week the defense of the body against infection. It is also known to affect the bone marrow. There are different types of leukemia. Some occur only in children while some other occurs only in adults. The treatment is very complex but possible. One should not lose hope and get a doctor’s consultation.